catalog#: unfound38
date: november 6 2008
artist: kriss
title: no.mad e.p.
artwork: unfound38.jpg
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tracklisting (click on mp3 or flac to download individual tracks):

mp3     flac     01. adventures in jax
mp3     flac     02. undersun
mp3     flac     03. jazz club
mp3     flac     04. check in
mp3     flac     05. stereophonic sound

brace yourself for somethin' oh-so-jazzy, boys and girls. our italian pal kriss joins the unfoundsound family by dishin' out a five-track chef-d'œuvre entitled no.mad e.p. - where you get pleasantly clobbered by a dancefloor amalgamation of funky techno, organic jazz, groovy house and sampladelic ingenuity. prior to this ep's release, a few of these tracks have already been played regularly by djs like guido schneider, someone else, barem and mauro picotto. that said, all five tracks are dancefloor killers - each in its own jazzy or driving way. so listen up, djs! download these bad boys and play and play and play - until your techno-colons fall out and your pubic hairs light on fire.

artwork by rosa impedovo

video by ares and kriss: kriss - jazz club