catalog#: unfound16
date: february 15 2006
artist: fidget
title: frayed
artwork: unfound16.jpg
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tracklisting (click on mp3 or flac to download individual tracks):

mp3     flac     01. flower ship
mp3     flac     02. over, under, through
mp3     flac     03. spongecake remedy
mp3     flac     04. frayed
mp3     flac     05. over, under, through (someone else's bliss remix)
mp3     flac     06. frayed (ezekiel honig's slowcore mix)

in the name of hallmark-driven valentine's day, unfoundsound delivers six tracks bubbling with love and emotion -- courtesy of fidget (a.k.a. erin anderson from philadelphia). aside from contributing to the first unfields (with more to come!), she also spent many of her early years as one-half of flowchart alongside sean o'neal (a.k.a. someone else). through their deep fondness of the shoegazer movement, together they released a series of tracks which they coined as being "shoegazer techno". fidget's debut release on unfoundsound, frayed, expands on this bliss-driven philosophy. fidget presents four mellow tracks that are profoundly deep, gentle, melancholic, heartfelt, ticking with subtle found sounds, and heavily melodic in a somewhat pop ambient vein -- resting your head in a blanket of submerged percussion, dense textures and heartwarming sensations. you also get a slow and gushingly blissful remix by somenone else, plus a tick-tacky, darkly waterlogged rework by microcosm's ezekiel honig. wrap yourself around our heart.