catalog#: unfound13
date: november 15 2005
artist: various artists
title: unhappy anniversary
artwork: unfound13.jpg
full release: mp3 format (303 MB)
full release: lossless flac format (798 MB)
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tracklisting (click on mp3 or flac to download individual tracks):

mp3     flac     01. fidget - toylicks
mp3     flac     02. jeremy p. caufield - what plays now is mayhem
mp3     flac     03. butane - soul food
mp3     flac     04. miskate - strange string
mp3     flac     05. sarah goldfarb - farandole
mp3     flac     06. socks and sandals - lucidrill
mp3     flac     07. jay haze - fuck the fame
mp3     flac     08. quenum - calimero
mp3     flac     09. vivianne projects - fingers
mp3     flac     10. dapayk - loopo
mp3     flac     11. ben parris - monstriack
mp3     flac     12. fusiphorm - daddy-ohhhh
mp3     flac     13. mike uzzi & ben recht - numbers are only indicators
mp3     flac     14. bruno pronsato - write that down, ken
mp3     flac     15. miguel tutera - desorden de ansiedad
mp3     flac     16. barem - ochenta hojas secas
mp3     flac     17. mark-henning - booty breakfast
mp3     flac     18. someone else - generic atmo
mp3     flac     19. my my - whitewash
mp3     flac     20. apoll - precious sweet friday
mp3     flac     21. krause duo nr.2 - loopio
mp3     flac     22. tleilaxu - deserted
mp3     flac     23. frivolous - un monde sans fil
mp3     flac     24. jeff milligan - blackbird
mp3     flac     25. ezekiel honig - thirsty table
mp3     flac     26. j. hunsberger - bottom of my bottle

we wanted to celebrate unfoundsound's first anniversary by offering something special to everybody who supported us throughout this first year. we therefore asked some of our favorite artists, most of them already recognized and not represented on the netlabel scene, to give us a single track that we would include in a compilation. the response was overwhelmingly positive. we then completed the line-up with several foundsound and unfoundsound artists. and here is the result: 2h 45mn to explore numerous genres of electronic music through 26 tracks. the best netrelease ever? we don't know. the longest? maybe!

artwork by fidget