recording#: unfields12
date online: november 5 2011
recorded by: james tobin
title: cruzin'
description: unfields12.txt
mosaic: unfields12.jpg
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welcome to the the unfields series! here you get a palette of downloadable field recordings at no cost. you are free to use these samples (under the terms described in this licence) to further your own sound experimentation and music production. the unfields are audio snapshots of the world that surrounds us, taken from the subjective point of view of the artist who recorded them. they are provided as is, without any processing, along with the inevitable imperfections which are inherent during this kind of recording procedure. the recordings are complemented by a series of pictures and a short text written by the author that illustrate the circumstances of the recording.


unfields12 - james tobin - cruzin'

these sounds were recorded on a cruise trip from seattle to alaska. when i first learned that my wife and i would be taking this trip i was immediately excited by the opportunity to record such a foreign and strange environment. you see, here in denver we don't have many ships. a few boats, yes, but certainly no ships. the ms oosterdam did not disappoint. she had all kinds of great sounds around. i did run into one little unforeseen difficulty -- traveling with 3,000 people can make it a little hard to capture good, clean recordings, especially when they all want to talk about "that fuzzy thing" with me. nonetheless, i was able to find some time away from the crowds and enjoy the sounds of a ship on my own. i certainly had a fantastic time recording these sounds, and i hope they inspire you to create some fantastic new instruments. happy noise-making!

i used a zoom q3hd stereo recorder to record these sounds at 24 bit/48khz. the sounds that appear here are recorded and unprocessed, aside from dithering down to 16bit/44.1khz and adding metadata.

james tobin